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Analyzing Scriptures

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Analyzing Scriptures
What does the Bible reveal to us?
In the early 1980s, I had the fortunate experience of listening to the wonderful radio broadcasts of Wayne Carver of The Bible Stands Radio Broadcast, who brought the Bible to life for me because of his painstaking efforts to present what the Bible tells us without prejudice. He thoroughy researched the Bible using an analytical approach, comparing scripture with scripture. The materials produced by Wayne Carver are virtually unavailable anymore, so I copied some of his materials for your enjoyment and enlightenment. It is likely that Wayne is no longer among the living as he was old and already had a stroke when I had the fortunate experience of meeting him in person in Texas in 1986. A sampling of the documents I've scanned are listed below in PDF format (excellent for use on eBook readers as well as computers).

Coming Earthquake in Israel

Day of the LORD

Dead Faith

God's Payday

Good Samaritan and the Helpless Sinner

Mystery Babylon

Our Blessed Hope

Religion or Christ

Tower of Babel

World that then Was

World War III in Prophecy

More pamphlets by Wayne Carver can be found on