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Static Contraction
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Welcome to the most advanced portable exercise device on the market!

The ideal device for building measurable strength is now available.

Get rock-hard muscles using a device you can carry around in a small backpack. Imagine that instead of just sitting on a beach or a park bench doing nothing, you can build muscle, and in time, impress your friends with the amazing power you can acquire.

The technique, called static contraction, is THE most intensive form of exercise for strength. Gorillas and lions stay strong in their cages using this simple technique—by pushing on immovable objects. Also called isometrics, it is the ultimate for obtaining fitness.

Using the chain exerciser, you can measure your progress on the portable, battery-powered LCD display which is clearly visible in bright sunlight. When it is dark, the LCD display is backlit.

This 2000 lb (907 kg) capacity chain exerciser is a must for people who cannot afford expensive home gyms or may not have the room for one. Order yours today!

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